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Heartability Exclusives

Each individual is unique and your journey into
your heart too, will be crafted specially for you. Heartability has exclusive programs that can
help bring out the best version of you.


Which one are you drawn to? 

Do you need help to transform your life in any one (or more) of the
areas below? To transform... 

~ Depression into Meaning?

~ Anger into Advocacy for Change?

~ Shame into Self Improvement?

~ Fear into Courage?

~ Failure into Triumph?

~ Hopelessness into Faith & Optimism?

~ Grieving or Sadness into Serenity?

~ Loneliness into Solitude for Transformation?

~ Feeling imprisoned into Freedom?

~ Weakness into Resilience?

At Heartability, we understand that the journey towards the self, requires consistent commitment, practice and regular check-ins. And during this journey, you will always have a hand to guide you through it all. Are you ready to Feel Light?

personalized 8-week wellness program.png

Welcome to Feel The Light
An 8-week Personalized Wellness Program

The program includes:


  • Weekly Coaching / Counselling (Zoom or F2F) 

  • A transformational tool-kit including daily rituals,
    customised to your area of need 

  • Mindfulness and stress-relief techniques 

  • Methods to increase self-awareness

  • Regular nudges to ensure follow though on agreed actions

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