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Each one of us are in our individual cocoons. We are sheltered from the world and it’s activities. We are safe at home. Most amongst us are surrounded by people who love us, our family.

We are in our comfort zone.

This is perfect opportunity to focus on our growth as distractions are minimal. Even if we are working from home, the time we usually waste on commuting to and back from work is saved.

We can use this extra time on hand, to complain and crib about the situation or to take it all in our stride and utilise time to grow in areas where we have always wanted to improve.

To live happy, fulfilling lives we need to commit to Life Long learning.

We can never assume that we are perfect, there is always something new to learn.

Reading is something we don’t find enough time for during busy days.

Reading to your mind is what exercise is to your body. Reading can lead us to new avenues. It can introduce us to new people, places, ideas, skills, etc

Instead of spending time unproductively, we can reflect on gaps in our life.

Should I pick up cooking ? Should I do more art? Do I need to express myself , should I consider writing?

Do I have two left feet? What is breath-work? What is mindfulness?

Should I redecorate the house? Do I need to declutter? Do I get more indoor plants? New musical instrument probably ? New language? Work on my sight reading?

Public speaking? Drama or Theatre?

Should I finally study literature?

Ask yourself questions, Learning what will make me feel better or improve my chances of better college, job or partner? What do I need to learn to make my life better?

If there is something that we already know but would like to master it now , that’s great too.

Also we have to remember that all learning is state determined, if one is bored and not interested, information won’t amount to knowledge. However if one is eager to learn , absorption is much higher.

Every time we learn with an idea to teach , we grasp it better. So don’t just learn with a casual attitude, put in your best. When we teach something we get a chance to learn it twice. What subject, skill, are you willing to excel and teach once life goes back to new normal.

Some struggle is essential, can we take it as a given ?

Can this cocoon be put to good use, it’s worth remembering that while the beauty is in Butterfly 🦋, the growth happens in the cocoon!

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